Buy a flathead screwdriver

Most of the people don’t even think about how the tools they have found the way into their hands. The first screwdriver for example, is believed to come from Germany or France and it’s a product known since the 15th century. At first, the screws were invented to secure back plates and breastplates, and later they were used to combine medieval firearms parts. With the constant need of their replacement, one smart revolutionary invented the screwdriver. This tool is mostly documented in France and it was known to have many different sizes and shapes, some made for repairing or building big machinery, while others were intended for advanced cabinet work. Screwdrivers are tools made to rotate the screws in and out of the preferred place and they are consisted of a handle on the one side and a blade on the other. Today we have so many different screwdrivers, that manufacturers have to put numbers on the models to tell them apart.

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There are cross-head screwdrivers that are used with mechanical screwing equipment, hexagonal, Robertson drive screwdrivers and many other types, but the flathead screwdriver is the tool that almost every handyman has in the toolbox. Flatheads screwdrivers are very convenient tools used by mechanics, electricians and carpenters, but also by people in any other profession that requires the use of tools. The flat head, or slotted screwdriver, is used to loosen up or tighten up screws with a single slot across the head. The handle can be made of wood, metal or hard plastic, while the shank has to be metal with a flat tip or end.


T8 Screwdriver

Torx, developed by Camcar Textron in 1967, is a famous brand name for screws and screwdrivers that were originally designed with the purpose to provide the best stability and grip. These screwdrivers provide high security, especially the Torx temper-resistant style of screwdrivers with a centre pin in their heads. Comfortable and lightweight, these screwdrivers make the screw driving faster and easier than ever. Torx screwdrivers are durable and rugged tools made from tempered steel, they last longer and are more effective in comparison to similarly priced tools. If you want to fit bicycle brake screws, automobile screws, star screws and computer screws, this screwdriver is your ideal and perfect tool.

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The T8 screwdriver is used for removing screws on an Xbox 360 controller. You can find the T8 in your local hardware store or on the Internet for a relatively cheap price. If you want to disassemble the entire controller, you will need a Philips head screwdriver as well. With disassembling your controller you can clean it, paint it and fix some issues. Opening an Xbox 360 with T8 is very simple: set up a clutter-free space where you can place the screws and other Xbox 360 Controller parts. First unplug the controller from the console, disconnect the charge and play kit and remove the battery pack. Locate and remove all the screws that hold the controller’s shell together with your T8 Torx Screwdriver. If today’s trend continues and the personalizing options become greater, we will soon find a T8 Torx screwdriver in every home.