Circuit breakers service

Until the middle of 1960s, there was no way to monitor the values of electricity that was coming to the homes. Around that time, a circuit breaker was introduced to the public. Circuit breakers work like switches that are in charge of monitoring the levels of electricity in some system and they are the ones that have to react when something is out of place. Most commonly, they have to react in case of a short or overload. By indentifying those appearances, they are protecting us from getting electrocuted; and by that extent they are protecting our lives if something goes wrong. Probably all of us have been in a situation where one of those circuit breakers responded. Those were potentially life threatening life situations for the people in the building. There are few different types of circuit breakers which we will review in further text.

Circuit breaker: Safety first

Although it is smart to know something about circuit breakers, it would be best not to mess around with a breaker panel. All the work within them should be left to people who are experts – electricians. A special permission is often required when doing electrical work, so make sure you are not breaking any building codes. If you do any work involving circuit breakers, make sure you are doing it properly. First, make sure that the main breaker is shut before you do anything else. Make sure that the devices are compatible with other parts of the system. Do not replace a breaker with another type that has greater amperage. Do not add any additional circuit breakers if you do not have an empty slot in the panel. A bus bar can still radiate some heat, despite the main switch being off. You should never touch the wires that lead to the panel because they are always under voltage. AFCI and GFCI breakers should be inspected every month for safety reasons.

Circuit breaker service providers

Like we said, it would be best if you leave all work involving electricity and circuit breakers to the professionals. It is their business to make your home safe and free from any danger of electricity or its side effects. There are many companies out there that provide circuit breaker service. Some of them are reachable via Internet, but they can also be found in the Yellow Pages, so if you need their services you should be looking for a provider in your area. All of those people are usually very professional because it would be hard for them to stay in such field of work if they were careless.

Circuit breaker: Types of services

Typically, circuit breaker services include all sorts of repairs, retrofit, testing of circuit breakers, rebuilding, life extension of circuit breakers, spare and additional parts and new circuit breakers. Naturally, the electricians are ready to make a field trip, as their line of work requires them to. They do all of that with upmost concern for safety for the families that live in the premises, because if they for some reason don’t do their job right – there could be severe repercussions.