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Finding the one place you can truly call home and be excited when you return to it every day from work is never an easy task, however it is not a mission impossible. I cannot say that I am a Vancouver native, but still this city captivated me from the moment I first arrived there ten years ago. Although I had my fair share of struggles, now I can say that I am honored to be a Canadian citizen and even more proud owner of a house in this magnificent city. The versatility of this city will never cease to fascinate me, and what I love about it is that is has a little something that is a reminiscent of my home country. The story of how I now live the Canadian dream cannot be a movie script scenario, yet the way I got hold of my beautiful house it certainly can. I lived as tenant for more than 6 years, when one day I decided I wanted to have the full freedom of choosing my furniture, the colors of the walls and I wanted to share my life with a dog, all of which was forbidden under the laws of my sublease contract.

Finding a Vancouver home

All of my efforts to find a Vancouver home that will meet my expectation and budget limitations were futile until one day I decided to leave my micromanaging nature behind me and hire a realtor. The realtor was really helpful and managed to give me a list of 10 real estate properties that matched my criteria. If you are on a quest for that one place you will call home, you should check out vancouver real estate below $500,000, which can be found on my realtor’s official web page.


Affordable Vancouver condos

In case living in a house does not sound appealing to you, you can also check out these real estate vancouver below the list. Once you will find your home, your next challenge will be the tackling of the interior design issue. When it comes to interior décor, the main rule is that there are no rules, it is your home and you can do with it what you please. However, if you think that your new home needs a few touch ups, I suggest you to address the question to your realtor directly. They work with a wide range of contractors and they have an easy access to the list of the most capable handymen in Vancouver.

How to make yourself at home

Your home has to ooze with your personality; otherwise you won’t feel comfortable in it. You can decorate it in synchronization and in accordance with your favorite colors, and the style of the interior décor can build on itself from there. You will have to choose the furniture style based on your preference, and you will have to incorporate at least one favorite item which will be easily visible in the living room. And lastly, you will have to choose the best seat in the house for watching TV, as nothing says the owner of the house as the most comfortable rocking chair with your name on it.