The advantages of Internet for our health

Although the Internet can be associated with a great number of unhealthy habits, there is no denying that it is very useful when it comes to learning about health, relatively diagnosing a problem and finding the right solutions for some health issues we are dealing with. Yes, I know that Google is not a doctor and you may diagnose yourself with cancer even if you have a simple cold, but no one can disprove the fact that the Internet has plenty of information about every single health issue. My main purpose of using the Internet is learning how to be healthier. Of course, I still go to the doctor when something is wrong with me, but when I know that I have a certain problem with my health, such as chronic anemia, the Internet can be much more helpful than the doctor-prescribed supplements. There are blogs which provide great information about natural treatments and therapies, not just for anemia, but for all other conditions as well.

No doctor can be knowledgeable as Google can be (if you only know how to search and select the information you actually need). I have been prescribed anemia treatments from my doctor for more than seven years and none of them really helped on long terms. However, I managed to deal with my problem through a complete diet change and guess where I found the information about all useful nutrients: the Internet, of course! I started consuming mostly the so-called superfoods, which my doctor never recommended. The first place I visit when I am inspired to search for health information is, which is a great blog that offers lots of useful information.


Sweet remedies for painful menstruation

Some women don’t feel any different when they are going through their period each month, but for others – the bleeding time can only mean a painful and unpleasant experience which inhibits all normal activities. The pain varies from woman to woman and it can be from mild to severe, but the reasons for this pain are not entirely revealed, one of them can be the Heavy Clotting During Period. The pain is debilitating for some women, but if the menstruation is not accompanied with pain that is too severe, some sweet remedies may be all you need to feel better. Even if you’re in a lot of pain and you need to take medicine, you should still take some sweet remedies because they will boost your spirit and you will feel much better in no time. Our recommendation for a sweet remedy during the period includes ginger, brown sugar and dates.

Take 30 grams of ginger (dry), brown sugar and dates; cut the ginger and mince in tiny pieces; mix them with the brown sugar and cook them for a while on mild temperature. This sweet remedy has many beneficial actions that will help you get through the painful period easily. First of all, this mixture has the ability to expel the cold and warm the body, which will relax the muscles and ease the pain from the cramps. Ginger has been widely used in the traditional Chinese medicine as a remedy that provides relief from menstrual cramps. It is recommended to use fresh ginger because it has the most effective influence on the human body, but if you want to have something sweet, but healthy and healing; our recipe with dry ginger would be the best choice.

Where to Buy Green Coffee Bean Extract?

You may have heard about Green Coffee Bean Extract, which can help you in your quest to lose a few extra pounds that you have gained recently. I heard about this product not so long ago by reading the green coffee bean extract reviews online; and naturally I was a little skeptical. There are so many different products that are advertised as the best for losing weight; that you really have to be cautious with your purchases. At first I forgot about the product right after I read about it, but a couple of weeks later I heard about it again when some woman was talking about it in some TV show. I thought that she was just a regular person as me, but then I realized that she was some kind of nutritionist and who knows what she’s talking about.

That somehow convinced me to try that coffee bean extract for myself. First I spoke to few of my friends, but no one was really that knowledgeable on the subject (although they were all very supportive because they knew how I felt about the weight I gained after the operation) and the only information I got is that the extract can be ordered online. I also found a detailed brochure that provided a link to a website. I visited that website, but I also made an internet search for those coffee beans and there were many hits. Naturally, I searched thoroughly and found the webpage that offered a great deal. Few days after, the package came and I was all on the needles. I have been using the product for a few weeks now and my thoughts are nothing but positive. I am progressing with my weight loss program and I would certainly recommend this product to everyone.

Natural acne solutions: how effective are they?

It’s really hard to get rid of acne, but there are many ways to approach the problem. Some may need medical treatments in form of pills of topical gels and creams, but before resolving to such products, you should try natural acne solutions. You can try different home remedies before switching to more aggressive treatments (if the home remedies prove unsuccessful in acne treatment). Also, determining the exact cause of acne will greatly improve your chances of getting rid of them. Start with natural remedies, call your doctor and say you wish to get to the bottom of the acne problem, and then you will see if you need the usual medication or if natural remedies will be enough.

Why resolve to natural acne solutions first?

The main reason why you should try natural acne solutions first is because they are gentler on your skin and they have a low number of side effects, or none of them. Even though most people will resolve to topical gels and creams, usually without prescription. The solutions and lotions that can be bought over the counter have a tendency to dry out the skin, and the skin may become flaky, as they are too aggressive most of the time. There are some lotions that are good, but there is no guarantee they will help every person with acne issues.

What natural acne solutions do we have at our disposal?

Many people are quite oblivious about the fact that they have all the ingredients for natural acne remedies in their kitchen. You may ask yourself  how to select acne remedies for sensitive skin. Citrus fruit, tea tree oil, zinc supplements and brewer’s yeast, all of them have proven a good alternative to medical treatments when it comes to acne. Of course, all of them may have some side effects. Tea tree oil may cause contact dermatitis or worsen the symptoms of acne rosacea. Alpha hydroxy acids can be found in citrus fruits, apples, grapes and sugar cane. They help in removal of dead skin cells and they also work wonders with unclogging pores if you apply them topically. The appearance of acne scars can also be improved if you use the acids topically. Zinc plays an important role in healing wounds and it also reduces inflammation. It can be taken orally or added to creams and lotions. Brewer’s yeast is also good in treating acne, but it may cause an upset stomach and it is also known to cause migraines.

What else can you do to reduce acne outbreaks?

Apart from using natural solutions in acne treatments, you have to avoid any irritants that may worsen your acne outbreaks. For once, cutting back on carbohydrates will work wonders on your overall health, not only acne outbreak rates. Eating fruit regularly will refine your skin tone and clean your skin too. Touching your skin too much can also worsen the acne, so make sure to reduce it to a bare minimum, and make sure to use a mild cleansing lotion on an everyday basis. You can even make one yourself. You can find many great homemade lotion recipes on the web, so try searching for some. Note that homemade and natural methods usually take longer, but the results are long lasting, so it’s worth a shot.

Best fat burner stack

When it comes to choosing your fat loss supplements, you really need to be careful and systematically judge what products are good for you and what are not. In general, Fatburner Stack is quite effective, but since it’s being produced by dozens of different companies, it’s important to learn more about each of these as this is the key in choosing the best product out there. A lot of people seem to take the cheapest stack they can get their hands on, but this is not really what you should do. These pills and supplements should be considered an investment, therefore the more money you give for a product like this, the more will you get out of it. Of course, changing your eating habits and taking part into any kind of a workout routine is bound to improve the efficiency of this supplement by a whole lot. There were reports of people using weight just by using the supplement, but these results are subpar especially if you compare them with results acquired by proper workout and eating habits. This, of course, will also help you acquire some good living habits that should be maintained as long as you live. When stacking up fat burners it’s important to know how they work with each other and is it even recommendable to use them in such nature. A lot of products are sold separately and are meant to be used in stacks; the choices depending on how intense do you want the effect to get.

How to reduce the risk of obesity

There are many diseases related to obesity as a risk factor; and diabetes, heart disease and cancer are among them. Different factors influence the risk of becoming obese or overweight, including the level of activity, the usual daily eating habits, genetics and age. You can reduce the risk of you becoming obese if you make smart choices on the variables that can be controlled, such as the physical fitness and the diet. Making important changes in your lifestyle will help you reach the healthy weight, but also maintain it.                          


Sugar and calories

Maintaining stable levels of the blood sugar is crucially important for you. You should consume six small meals which will be spaced evenly during the day. That will prevent you from overeating. Make sure to emphasize fiber, lean protein, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates in your diet. Among the different ways to reduce obesity, counting and controlling the amount of calories consumed daily is considered to be the most efficient. That will teach you how to control your portions better. Find a good website that will help you find the calorie value of your meals and don’t cheat to yourself when you are counting. Include every meal and drink you consume into the calorie-counter. Limiting refined carbohydrates in your nutrition is very important for achieving great results. Avoid white bread, sugar, baked goods, corn syrup and trans-fatty and saturated acids. Those meals will contribute to obesity, since they have a high calorie value, but deficient nutrient value.

Committing to exercise

If you are dealing with obesity, you should seriously commit to exercise in addition to controlling your diet. The best exercise program for losing weight is the cardiovascular exercise, like jogging, brisk walking, swimming, tennis or basketball for at least thirty minutes and at least three days a week. This kind of exercise will strengthen your lungs and heart, but it will also help your body burn many calories and lose weight in a healthy way. You should also do some strength-training at home or at the gym three times a week. If you have the chance to work with a personal professional trainer – that will help you a lot with the motivation and commitment. Find your inspiration, set a reasonable goal of what you can achieve in a certain period of time, and don’t make excuses in front of your friends and yourself.                  

Using food as reward

Using food as reward is one of the biggest problems for people who are trying to treat obesity. If you were committed to the healthy diet plan and exercise for a month – rewarding yourself with a cake, fast food or ice cream is still very bad. You didn’t go through the entire calorie reducing and exercising just to eat some cake without feeling guilt, but to achieve the bigger goal in front of you. Rewarding yourself with food will set you one step back. It is good to eat your favorite foods occasionally, but you need to balance them with the rest of the food for the day and with exercise. Wouldn’t it better to reward yourself with some clothes in smaller size, or a good book instead? Trust me: the best reward will be the amazing results you will achieve if you stick to the plan correctly. Dealing with obesity requires life-style changing, and going back to the old habits will make the entire effort useless.

Laser eye surgery – LASIK

Problems with the eyesight have been common to mankind since the begging of time. Since not that long ago in history glasses and contact lenses were invented in order to improve this situation. But the latest medical invention in this area is the laser eye surgery, also called LASIK, lasik or laserska korekcija vida. The laser eye surgery is carried out by an ophthalmologist utilising a laser. It is conducted when the patient suffers from astigmatism, short-sightedness and long-sightedness. The aim of the surgical procedure is to improve the vision by reforming the corneas of the eyes. In a certain way, LASIK is alike other surgical corrective operations, for example – photorefractive keratectomy, although with LASIK patients recover faster. Mostly due to its effectiveness, laser eye surgery is considered to be one of the best alternatives to wearing lenses or glasses for many people.

The historical development of laser eye surgery

The historical development of laser eye surgery can be traced back to the 1950. You may have never heard of Jose Barraquer, but he was responsible for the invention of the microkeratome and to change the shape of the cornea. Jose Barraquer was Spanish-born ophthalmologist but he worked in a clinic in Bogotá, Columbia. The radial keratotomy was a later development in the field of eye surgery, but the technique involved was different than that of laser eye surgery.  Svyatoslav Foydorov from the USSR is to be thanked for this invention. Steven Trokel and Mani Lal Bhaumik, both working in the United States are also two of the very important names when it comes to eye surgery. The idea to use lasers in refractive procedures was inspired from the work of Rangaswamy Srinivasan. He came to the conclusion that an ultraviolet laser can cut through the tissue in an accurate was so that no thermal damage to the rest of the eye would be made. He called this observable fact Ablative Photodecomposition. The first patient was treated with an excimer laser in 1989 and that is the birthday of laser eye surgery as we know it today. Later that year LASIK was patented in the United States by Dr. Gholam A. Peyman.

The procedure of laser eye surgery

Today, the procedure of laser eye surgery has been improved and modernised significantly. The lasers today for korekcija vida are faster and the incisions they make are more accurate, especially if you choose. Also, many alternative procedures have been invented, such as LASEK, thin-flap LASIK and others. Laser eye surgery includes essential pre-operative measures. Patients are usually required not to wear their contact lenses in a period of 1-3 weeks prior to the surgery. The period is even longer for hard contact lenses. During laser eye surgery the patient is supposed to be awake and conscious, although sedatives and anaesthetics might be given to him/her.

Patient satisfaction in laser eye surgery

Most patients that have gone under laser eye surgery are pleased with the results, and the percentage is above 90%, in some surveys being closer to 100%. Although there have been some doubts about the operations, since some expert suspect that laser eye surgery may permanently damage the structure of the eyes. Some base their concerns to the fact that many patients need retreatment after being submitted to laser eye surgery.