Antiques Palm Beach shops

Oil lamps are one of the most beautiful and popular items found in many antique shops, however, the word on the street is that the greatest collections of the most dazzling antique oil lamps are found in the Palm Beach antique shops. Antiques Palm Beach shops have abundance of wonderful 19th century oil lamps, and depending on whether you intend on using them or they will be serving the sole purpose of display items, their price range is extended from 50 dollars to few hundred. When you are shopping for antique oil lamps, make sure to ask the vendor whether the lamp is functional or not. Even though you may not use the oil lamp, you’d still appreciate a functioning oil lamp over non-operating oil lamp.

If you are attracted by such décor and intend on using the lamp for lightening purposes, the experts in antiques claim that you have full right to ask the vendor for authenticity and functionality certificate. While you may enter the antique oil lamp markets with high hopes of finding the perfect example, it is better to lower your expectations as due to their age and fragileness, the most antique oil lamps will have flaws, and knowing this you may lower the price of the antique.  Furthermore, if the lamp is not properly operating, you can ask the vendor to recommend someone who is willing to repair the oil lamp; still, the price of the repair should be annulled with the purchase price, as you are paying full price for operating antique oil lamp.