Female perspective on the everlasting dilemma: how to attract girls

Whenever I get together with one of my single male friends, they always ask me for advice on how to attract girls. So, today I am going to reveal to you what I usually say to them, tips for how you cannot attract girls. Girls find men completely obnoxious when they send drinks and laugh together with their other male friends, standing on the table and pointing out to them. Sincerely, women are easily attracted by confident men who have enough courage to come and introduce themselves rather than letting the drink speak for itself. What do you think, if you send out margarita that means you are interested in taking her to a trip to Cancun or if you send hot chocolate, that she will think you will take her skiing in the Swiss Alps? Think again.

    how to attract girls

Also, you will stand no chance if you comment her physical appearance, talking about her enlarged assets or how generous of her to flaunt her beauty in front of the world. I mean, some women may find this flattering, but the longest you can go with these kinds of girls is the cleaners, having in mind that her spending habits will take you straight there. There is no one secret rule that guarantees you unlimited access to the heart of the female population as each girl is a story of her own. However, I can tell you what works for me: a sincere smile, open-mindness, a clear goal and purpose in life, proper education and he must love dogs. Furthermore, I can forget about the first 4 demands, but the last one is always a deal breaker.

Schwinn Mountain Bike

Some time ago, the bike was a mean of transport that people used to travel to work every day; or pretty much to get to any other destination they were required to go to. Over the years the situation changed and today we use cars and public transportation for such travels a lot more then we use bicycles. These days, bikes are still frequently used for a short distance travel – for example students are using them on a large scale to get from their dorms to college (as they all cannot afford to buy and drive a car). However, nowadays there are a lot of biking enthusiasts who are greatly interested in bikes, bike travels and their lives often revolve around bikes. Another way in which bikes are being used is for exercise, as the bike can be extremely helpful to put your whole body under a workout regime.

schwinn mountain bike

It is very important which bike to buy once you are in the shop for one. There are many manufacturers and models, and it can be hard to swim through all that information. One of the manufacturers which are renowned for their great bikes is a company called Schwinn. The company was founded in the distant 1895 and it fast became one of the American top brands. Today the company is a sub-brand of the company called Pacific Cycle. A Schwinn mountain bike cost varies from hundred dollars to few thousand dollars. The company offers many different bikes in all kinds of different models and sizes which are suitable for various styles and preferences.

Xbox 360

Xbox 360 is a console manufactured by Microsoft, the company that also creates Windows OS. It is their counter to Sony’s Playstation 3 and Nintendo’s Wii and just like they do, falls under the 7th generation of video game consoles. It is a mighty machine coming at the price of approximately 250 dollars and offers a unique gaming experience especially via the use of Kinect, a new system that enables you to play without the use of controllers. Kinect recognizes your body movements and voice commands, which then propels you through the game. With the worldwide sale of over 70 million, this console has stricken the world in a flash, as all models were sold out immediately upon release.

Xbox 360

For those interested into technical specifications, it has a 3.2 GHz Tri-Core Xenon processor, varying storage capacity (main factor for differentiation) and 512 MB of GDDR3 RAM that works at 700 MHz. The graphics within it is ATI Xenos and sound has analog stereo output, stereo LPCM, Dolby Digital 5.1 and Dolby with WMA. You can connect it via wireless, Ethernet, USB and with the latest S model, also through an AUX port. Main software is called Xbox Live and offers various features, and with the system having Windows Media Center capabilities, you can also play movies and music. The console is definitely worth the price and has a horde of hardcore users where it is not uncommon to see a person owning all 3 of the generation 7 consoles, simply because each has a unique approach and feel. Here is a great site where you can find some good offers: freexbox360.org

Best simple Asian recipes for westerners

For the most of the people, Asian cuisine looks exotic, full of taste and flavor, and far complicated. The one meal that everyone of this planet knows as Asian is sushi. I hate being the one who will break the news to you, but there’s more in the Asian cuisine than sushi. If you’re interested in learning how to cook some of the best Asian meals, as usual internet is your best know-all friend and cookbook. But, be aware that some of the meals require advanced culinary skills and knowledge.  So, what do you say I share a few Asian recipes which are easy to prepare? Interested?

Indian roomali roti

You’ll enjoy this yummy tasteful Indian bread, and you’ll be amazed by the simplicity this meal was made. Mix together three hundred grams of flour with a pinch of salt; add thirty milliliters of vegetable oil, and around two hundred milliliters of lukewarm water. Mix until the dough puts together, and leave it aside for 45 minutes. Then knead the dough again until it is smooth, divide into six or eight equal parts. Form each part in a round shape. Roll out each dough ball as thin as possible, and cook it in a heavy iron pan over high temperature heat, both sides. Serve the roti while they are hot.

Japanese orange ponzu sauce

If you’re a fish meat enthusiast, but you have no idea how to add twist to your usual fish dressing, try this traditional Japanese ponzu fish sauce. The secret to best simple Asian recipes lies in their unexpected combination of ingredients. Take out your saucepan, combine half a cup of the inevitable soy sauce, full cup of rice vinegar, two tablespoons of dry fish flakes known as bonito shavings, one inch of konbu (kelp), and the juice and pulp of one large orange. Let the ingredients get to know each other for about 30 minutes. Then bring the mixture to boil. Allow it to cool, and then serve it along your sea fish. It will be a smash hit, guaranteed.

Chinese dessert recipes

With the Chinese dessert recipes you’ll never know what you’re going to get. Either it will be something very simple like fruit salad or something that will take several hours to make. This next recipe is very delicious, and trying to stay on a diet may seem like mission impossible. So, please do not tempt those trying to lose some weight. For this recipe, you’re going to need two large pears, four tablespoons of honey, and two dried Chinese dates with their pits removed. First you need to peel and cut the top off the pears, remove the core and then cover each of the pears with honey, add the dates, and just a little lemon juice in order for the pears not to become darker. Put them into a steamer and steam covered for about 30 minutes. Serve them while they are hot and do not forget to sprinkle little cinnamon. They are yummy, and you may be even tempted to eat them all by yourself.

People use twitter search often

One of the greatest online sharing companies which is created with the purpose of people selecting many quotes and sharing ideas has become so popular that there are almost no people who lack the advantage of having a twitter profile on their cell phones or mobile devices like tablet computers. Every person who is connected to the internet knows about twitter search and many of its advantages are shared among people for fun. This web site is designed with the purpose to become the leading online social networking service which will give many benefits to its viewers absolutely for free, because there are many sponsors who want to take the advantage of showing a banner or other kind of advertisement which can be used for people to better know the company and its characteristics. The limit of character count is about one hundred and forty symbols which can be shown in one single post. People usually share text quotations or opinions about many things that are on their minds, so there are many people who become followers of some popular person, like a famous musician or some great basketball player whom everybody likes and respects. When people get online, they want to visit many pages which are somehow connected to twittering in a way in which they can share some useful information or some experience that they had during the day. When a person owns a twitter account, that person can place an avatar of him and send text messages to the world absolutely for free.

Live TV on your web browser

Most telecom and cable providers offer dedicate IPTV packages. IPTV usually offers you an impressive collection of TV channels, all available in excellent visual and sound quality. You can also watch pay-per-view content and rent movies thanks to dedicated set-top boxes. It’s a system designed for maximum enjoyment and convenience while still upholding high audio and visual standards. However, did you know that you can also watch TV directly on your PC, without the need for any additional hardware (like set-top boxes) or software? And that it’s completely free? In fact, free live TV has been around for a long time now, but most TV stations don’t really advertise it. You can find a wealth of channels and multimedia content in general that isn’t available in any other way. In fact, you can basically set up your own TV station if you want to, as long as you make sure to cover all your bases from a legal standpoint. There are many independent TV stations that use the Internet as their primary broadcasting method. Using such a platform is actually very convenient for both the viewer and the owner of the TV station. It doesn’t require additional hardware on the viewer’s side and this makes it available for pretty much anyone with a PC. This is exactly the reason why more and more TV stations have begun streaming their channels completely free online. You can expect an even greater variety of TV channels to be available as years go by.

Watch TV online

What do you do when you’re on vacation or a business trip with bad weather outside and a laptop with Internet access? Well, you’ll either spend your free time at a hotel restaurant and bar, or by watching TV and surfing online. Or you may just be a college student in a small room with not enough space to place a TV properly. You share a room with your roommate, have your own work desk, closet, desk and that’s it. You also have a laptop and want to watch TV from time to time. Well, luckily a lot of TV stations have started to stream their channels over the Internet, completely for free. You can basically watch free online TV just like watching a Youtube clip. It doesn’t require a lot of bandwidth and all you need is a computer with a standard web browser like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Opera. In short, any computer with Internet access is enough to watch TV on the Internet. Many sites offer a variety of channels to watch. It’s basically like free cable TV, with everything from documentary to news and entertainment channels. You can even find niche TV channels that are only available online. Certain services also offer you a premium model for a low fee that will enable you to watch pretty much everything you would usually be able to watch over standard cable and IPTV setups. It’s easy to find and easy to use.


How to play and cheat scrabble

Alfred Mosher Butts was an unemployed architect who invented one of the most popular board games in the history – Scrabble, in the 1940s. Although the concept of his game was very innovative and interesting, he was rejected by the game companies until he decided to join his talent with James Brunot and they worked together in refining the rules of Scrabble. It wasn’t long before this game became trademarked and it is still one of the longest lasting and most popular word games that were ever invented. If you like playing Scrabble very much, but you can’t seem to find the company to play against, you can try playing the board game online by using the services of different free websites. First of all, you will need a computer or a smartphone with Internet access and you will need to research the web for a reliable website that allows you to play Scrabble online. Many of the website will require you to sign up for free membership and provide a screen name, email address, a password and your age. Read the terms and conditions of the website before you accept them and submit your information once you are done. If the website you found features different games, you will be able to find Scrabble in the section of “word games”. Online playing is quite convenient because you can choose the number of players you would like in the game. The other players are not real people, but computer robots, which may make the game a little more difficult, according to the skill level you choose. You can find a way to cheat scrabble online much easier and you can even use your dictionary. However, you will spoil the joy of real winning if you decide to cheat!

ITV competitions

Personally, I love TV competitions and I have actually won two holidays in the past only because I was persistent enough to enter many competitions that offered holidays as the main prize. ITV is the best place to find great competitions and their prizes are enormous. Recently, I found a great website which lists all of the best itv competitions every day: www.socialots.co.uk. I follow the competitions on TV regularly because I am a little obsessed with them, but sometimes I miss something and this website provides me with all the information I need. It is definitely the number one source when it comes to the competitions from ITV, because the official ITV website has a lot of information that is not connected to the competitions, so I get a little confused until I find exactly what I need there. On the other hand, socialots.co.uk lists everything clearly, and I have been able to find some competitions I didn’t know about. You don’t have to ask, because I entered those too. Many people think that they don’t have chances of winning anything from tv competitions only because the prizes look too good to be true. Let me tell you: the chances of winning are actually solid; all you have to do is to enter as many competitions as possible and hope for some luck to be in your favor. After all, there is nothing to be lost if you enter, and the things you can win are beyond amazing. I recommend you to visit the abovementioned website and see all the chances you have and prizes you may win.