The advantages of Internet for our health

Although the Internet can be associated with a great number of unhealthy habits, there is no denying that it is very useful when it comes to learning about health, relatively diagnosing a problem and finding the right solutions for some health issues we are dealing with. Yes, I know that Google is not a doctor and you may diagnose yourself with cancer even if you have a simple cold, but no one can disprove the fact that the Internet has plenty of information about every single health issue. My main purpose of using the Internet is learning how to be healthier. Of course, I still go to the doctor when something is wrong with me, but when I know that I have a certain problem with my health, such as chronic anemia, the Internet can be much more helpful than the doctor-prescribed supplements. There are blogs which provide great information about natural treatments and therapies, not just for anemia, but for all other conditions as well.

No doctor can be knowledgeable as Google can be (if you only know how to search and select the information you actually need). I have been prescribed anemia treatments from my doctor for more than seven years and none of them really helped on long terms. However, I managed to deal with my problem through a complete diet change and guess where I found the information about all useful nutrients: the Internet, of course! I started consuming mostly the so-called superfoods, which my doctor never recommended. The first place I visit when I am inspired to search for health information is, which is a great blog that offers lots of useful information.