Learn how to copy apps from Android

f you are a recent proud owner of an Android phone and you are not quite sure how to copy applications from one phone to another, don’t be ashamed, because there are many people facing the same problem. Today, we will recommend you few useful applications that you could use to copy apps from Android. The first application that we would like to recommend you is Bluetooth File Transfer available through the Google Play. This application allows you to use your smart phone device to explore, browse and manage files stores on any device which is Bluetooth ready, and which use File Transfer Profile or known as FTP or Object Push Profile, known as OPP. This application allows copying, sending and receiving files and contacts. This application allows only the connection of the authorized devices.

In this way, your data and contact details are protected against copying and hacking. Another option is to store everything that you have on your smart phone device on your SD card and then transfer everything you think you may need. Among other things, the following application can also help you copy applications from Android devices. It is called Backup Assistant Plus. Backup Assistant Plus can be used to protect the data on your mobile device by making a backup with using the Backup Assistant Plus cloud. Once backed up, you can easily copy your data and applications from and to any Android device. Backed up data can then be accessed from anywhere and from any Android device is a great way to protect your address book and important data.