Angry Birds Space Full Version

Angry Birds is one of the most played computer games of today. Created by Rovio Mobile, a Finnish company specializing in video games or game developing, the game after undergoing a period of development saw the light of day in December of 2009, released as an application for Apple’s iOS. It has sold in around 12 million copies and up. Its popularity is based on its simplicity, low price and nicely injected dosage of fun which led to creating versions of the game available for personal computers, touchscreen smartphones, gaming consoles etc. and there is even a possibility for the game to receive its own filmed version. The game has been downloaded around 700 million times so it holds the throne as the most popular worldwide, and some even call it “one of the most mainstream games in the market”. The rising popularity of the game brought to its being released in many special editions, as Angry Birds Seasons released in October 2010, Angry Birds Rio released in March 2011, Angry Birds Space released in March 2012 and Angry Birds Magic which is yet to be released. The most recent is Angry Birds Space in March 2012 and it may be found online as Angry Birds Space Full Version.

Why is Angry Birds so popular?

According to the download numbers and sold copies, it may be easily concluded that Angry Birds is not only popular, but also addictive. Worldwide game addicts and non-addicts claim it is so addictive it causes distractions in their work and takes up a lot of time in their day. What is the main reason for this? You can Download Angry Birds Space Free this popular game almost anywhere.

The Catch

Angry Birds keep 50 million users “busy” all day long due to “user engagement”. Massive use of smartphones, androids, PCs and other platforms make it available to the public. The concept is truly basic, but the average Angry Birds player spends around 200 million minutes a day playing this game. And it is because the model of the game is so easy to absorb that users develop mental strategies that need to be developed each time a level’s complexity increases.

Is it time well spent?

In the depths of the human brain, impulses and reactions are a vital part of everyday interactions. And although opinions are divided between “yes, video games help develop faster reflexes or mental readiness” and “no, games are a complete waste of time”, ask the experts on human cognitive science: it is human Short-term Memory that makes this game so appealing. Here’s why: short-term memory is very limited in comparison to long-term memory that saves data, experiences etc. and long-term memory may be extended with new information, cognition, knowledge and experiences. Short-term memory is temporary and it only holds a limited amount of information that can be erased after a while. SM helps humans deal with technology and everyday routines and since Angry Birds offers short-term memory loss, but it does not break it. It only bends it, for example by the manipulation that appears on the screen at the beginning of any new sequence in the game.


Locating people via their mobile phone

Mobile phones today have become powerful tools that can do pretty much everything – you can check your emails, use GPS navigation, some even have compasses, you can listen to music, watch videos, movies, TV shows, play games, draw, use them as remotes for different PC programs, like music players, torrent clients, even the whole operating system. You can access your PC via your mobile phone and work on it like that. One of the most discussed options of mobile phones is the locating software built into them, like the GPS. Most new mobile phones have built in GPS systems that help many people navigate through unknown parts of town with ease.

The use of mobile GPS

The mobile GPS software isn’t as good as the one used in regular GPS devices, this much is true, but there’s quite a good reason for it – this is not the primary function of your mobile device. The GPS software in your mobile phone uses both satellites and signal transmitters to pin down your location, while the usual GPS devices operate with satellites only. As the SIM card you are using communicates with the transmitters, it’s much easier to pin you down once the software locates which transmitter the SIM card is communicating with. This is also a good way to check where your kids are hanging out – there is actually software to check where a certain mobile phone is located, and it’s mostly used by the police while searching for an individual, but some websites offer mobile phone locating software for a small fee, some even free of charge.

How this software works

Websites like offer mobile phone locating software, explaining it’s quite useful to check up on your children without them seeing you, or your partner, friends and so on. This way you will know where they are at this moment, and you can go meet them too. The easiest way to locate a cell phone with their software is using the GPS that is built into almost every mobile phone nowadays, and the location can be narrowed down to as small a radius as five meters.

Is it okay to spy on your friends like that?

There is a wide range of online applications that people use and give their location, like Google Latitude or Foursquare, and this isn’t really much different. As they give out their location on some online services, you will be able to track where they are pretty much in the same way as you could do if you would check those services. This is actually a personal dilemma, and of course, you should know what your friends think about such software before you use them. Some might find it’s not okay to check up on them like that, while other will have no problems whatsoever. Never try using it for tracking someone against their will (except your kids, of course, you will never get their consent anyway). Before you act on your own, discuss the subject with them to see which of them approve such things.