Internet marketing

Back in the old days when search engines were being introduced, things were really simple, but inefficient as well. As technology developed, there were many web masters appearing with their own websites, trying to get more visitors to get to their website, as it was representing a website linked to a company or service holders. Doing this was difficult and forced back then, but with the introduction of advanced search engines, such as Google or Altavista, things got a little bit more complicated, but a lot of opportunities appeared regarding to Internet marketing.

Beginnings of Internet marketing

The first installment of Google’s web search engine was quite revolutionary. It introduced something called the indexer, and this was something all webmasters wanted to be a part of. Basically, this indexer, stores a copy of any website to its own server, thus making it appear on Google’s search results page. The better your website was ranked, the bigger the boom your franchise could cause. With time many different methods developed to help increase one’s index ranking, with the latest one being SEO or search engine optimization. This is a method which helps to link specific keywords to their respective clients which are closely related to a specific keyword. This way, people would get fast and accurate results once they search for anything using Google or any other search engine. When this was established, people find it easy to crank up their ranking by using the benefits of Internet marketing. They started investing in getting their website optimized for Internet, making it easier to access and get in.

Textual and visual optimization

It is easy to understand how does the textual search engine optimization work; you need to have some kind of a database with keywords that are often used and which could prove to be efficient in directing the users towards your website. This is obviously, the textual search engine optimization which is really popular today; there are a lot of dedicated companies that do just that – optimize the content of any website to make it easier to access. However, you can also optimize photos and images for search engines. Some search engines offer an image search that has an option of choosing the color that should represent the tone of the images. This can transfer in some way for your own purposes, but the results that can be accomplished by doing this are far from efficient so no one really does that. The best you can get out from image search engine optimization is labeling it properly and ensure it is a high quality picture. Also look for more information regarding this topic on the site what is seo

Working as a search engine optimizer

As we have mentioned before, there are a lot of companies that do search engine optimization so you should have no trouble working in this business. A general knowledge of English and some other languages is required and your articles should be grammatically correct. Spelling errors can be easily tracked down using the AutoCorrect feature of Microsoft Word, which is present in some other form in many other word processing software.


Books worth reading

I have an understanding for each type of readers and I respect that reading is a matter of taste, but I respect more readers with a good taste. In my opinion, life is too short to be wasted on reading books that you’ll forget after a few days, while so ingenious pieces of literature that are worth for your time have been written.

Read quality books!

You should hurry up and read as much quality books as you can in a lifetime. I do not intent to insult anyone, but personally I would never reach out for Nicolas Sparks, Dan Brown or God forbid a chick lit while there still are unread writings of Dostoevsky, Proust, Tolstoy, Hugo and other classics. The literature that has passed the test of time (as said by Murakami) deserves my attention. In this article I’ll recommend the books of one genius which every lover of the written word should read.

Pearls of wisdom

The literature classics are undoubtedly books that leave traces for a lifetime and have the power to truly change someone’s personality. In my opinion no one is better in that than Dostoevsky, who investigated the human psyche to the deepest falls and greatest heights present in every person. For Dostoevsky, the man is an arena of the eternal struggle of the good and the evil. Once you start reading his books, you won’t be able to stop until you read every single word he wrote. He was a brilliant innovator and creator of a new type of novel – the philosophical novel-tragedy, in which the base of the dramatic conflict is formed by the struggle of ideas reflected in the theatricality of the human being. His grandiose work “The Brothers Karamazov” is a story of four brothers who have a part in the murder of their father, but only on the surface. On deeper level, it is a spiritual drama that opens the big moral questions of faith, doubt, guilt and free will. The work of Dostoevsky is actually a philosophical drama that everyone who claims to be a devoted reader must read.